Travellers Checques

     Module "Travel cheques" serves for review of Travel cheques security features. After choosing this module, list of all cheque companies, which are included in bank catalogue, are displazed in new window. You can choose Company from vertical bar in the left part of window or from the Quick Menu, which makes the biggest part of the window.

     After clicking the company icon, a list of travel cheques issued by this company is displayed in left vertical bar. The cheques are ordered according to the curreny they are representing.
     In upper horizontal bar there are navigation buttons, which help to switch to valid travel cheques, travel cheques which are marching form circulation as well as counterfeits of cheques.

     If catalogue contains also company┬┤s older cheques, which are not normally seen in circulation, also following button is displayed here

     In main window obverses of individual nominal values are displayed and next to them a list of types of concrete nominal.

     After clicking the obverse picture or the text reference, another window will be opened displaying the details of thid cheque.

     After clicking the detail picture new window is opened with higher resolution. Above the picture there is nominal value, the name of the currency and the type of travel cheque as well as the information about emitent. Under the picture there is a description of detail. Under the description there is a button, clicking which you close this window.

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