Module "Counterfeits" contains image and text information about captured counterfeits of individual currencies. It si made using comparative method-comparing the security features details on valid and false banknote. Main window of Counterfeits looks as following:

It is possible to choose menu from vertical bar in the left part of the window. After clicking the left button of mouse, a window with nominal values and with counterfeit indication of currency, which you have chosen.
     When you click the left button of mouse above the obverse banknote picture or you click the text next to it, a new window with details is opened.

     In green frame there is always the valid banknote and in red frame the same detail on false banknote.
     In left vertical bar, now, there are miniatures of banknote obverses counterfeits, which have the same nominal value as the banknote displayed in main part. Under the line there are representatives of all counterfeits obverses of the given currency. Depends on which picture you click, that counterfeit will be displayed. At the same time one picture with grey background is displayed. It is the picture of recently displaying counterfeit.
     Except of navigation buttons in upper horizontal stripe there are colour taws in upper row. We call them traffic lights.

These serve for switching among individual modules inside one currency and one nominal value. In case that valid banknote exists to displayed counterfeit, grey traffic light is displayed here. If exchangeable exists too, yellow traffic light is displayed. If counterfeit of coin is displayed and coin of the same value exists, green traffic light is displayed.
     After clicking the detail picture new window is opened with higher resolution. Above the picture there is nominal value, the name of the currency and type indication of counterefeit. Under the picture there is a description of detail. Under the description there is a button, clicking which you close this window.

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